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Hello friend!

I hope you'll find my art work interesting and my site enjoyable to surf.

I must introduce myself as a self-taught art performer who loves to work on organic forms. I've been doing my art works since late 90's but I decided to open them to public on 2013.

Implementing of nature to a specific concepts is actually what I'm attempting to do on most of my art work. Although the sketch work with organic forms or organic shapes, contours of nature are not only taking the first role on my inspirational beginnings, they also invade almost the whole impression on my art work until the end of my drawing processes.

It fascinates me that art evokes feelings from the deeper minds. Or maybe it might be considered deeper mind feelings brings up the art. Either way the art with surrealist design concepts, art with black and white color or using charcoal, art with abstract notions always interesting subjects to me. More to observing the art, human-life jointing develops sharper eye for me to catch and develops the skill of perception. I enjoy combining and presenting these abstract concept elements in a compositions or in a scenery concept art built from curved forms and organic forms. With my art, it's my soul aim to implement poetic abstract concepts and making connection with feelings, emotions or maybe intangible manners.

Although abstract concepts and logical manners that implies non-figurative essence, most of my arts are resembling, sketching the nature in figurative way. Keeping it in pure simplicity and in descriptive expression at the same time is the biggest challenge for me to achieve. If each art would begin with reproducing the previous one it might be easier to create the purest one but instead I go with 'what's next'  concept. This is the reason that some other of my work stays in sketching phase or bear with architectural building concepts or with scenery concept art or jewelry design concepts.

Symmetrical concepts are more likely tried to be avoided while trying to balance the solidity and transparency or spreading the lighted and shadow areas equally on general overview which is more captivating purpose on my art work. Or with thinking in the same ideology, its same effort for me considering reconciliation between curved lines and organic designs, organic forms.

My work may be described more than capturing the moment, it interests with concluding the wide range of time. For this reason I prefer to work on sketching people faces in a symbolic art way of presentation instead of working on a person's face even though each face has its own time signature. If the time would be considered as alive being then picturing it on action would be fascinating, wouldn't you agree?

Well, fluent and natural writing is an extraordinary art that hard to achieve. Hopefully you'll find my art that relates itself without needing saying any other words.

Very Best,

Demi Sisalan

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