Some Thoughts

I am a left-handed! I don’t know, nothing such glorious about it but I felt some need

to saying it at first somehow.

One of my early childhood memories I remember, is the game I created myself,

which can only be played alone. My sister was too young to play and my age wasn't ready

to go school yet, around 6 years old I was maybe. I called it 'Game of Being Bird'.

I was sitting on one of those ancient carpets and imagining each little shape on
it as one house or other kind of buildings and seeing all the other lines around
as roads or railways. My small human toys, cars, train and my plane were going
from one to another and I was watching everything from the sky like how the
birds were watching. There were plenty of carpets at home with different organic
textures and so plenty of games to me. This might be my reason liking organic forms.

One day in high school my physic teacher asked me to bring my parents with me for next day.

I did. Even though my physic notes were highly good what would be the

reason of her asking it only from me, I wasn't expecting anything. She told my parents to
take me from my current public school and enroll to an art school. It was a relive

to hear that of course. But it never happened. It was common on those days all children

must be a doctor or engineer to beat the others. I ended up graduating from
architecture school and with all my proud went to see my high school physic
teacher again but with my certificate this time. She wasn't seem glad at all
in hearing of it. 


In passing years I did paints with using oil on canvas, trying to continue

what I was enjoying to do when I was younger, but who knows where they are right now.

Later on, after like 10 years of delay I began again doing some art works,

but I worked on sketches with a graphite on paper technique this time.

Of course, first couple of years most of my interest was

on building designs and on details, sometime furniture design and industrial design ideas,

or working on some concept design sketching. Idea creating mostly followed by

3D modeling (three dimensional modeling), Rendering and Photoshop work,

but after years passing I understood if there is no way of making ideas with your own resource

then, don't expect others to make them for you or buying your ideas from you.

And being in the sector of architecture, it's hard to put your life into ideas

of new establishments, changing everything to pursue a goal of making ideas

without even aware how to make them. So I slow down on those ideas for now.

But every daily life they comes up like ghosts whenever any brainstorming occasion happens,

mostly while in driving or sometime in dreams just pups up such a unique idea by itself. 

Yes, dreams! Isn't that lots of what human did begins with dreams, dreaming it

or in another word imagining it. Imagination is the key of creativity, right?

Shapes with abstract way of picturing things, things never seen before

but maybe influenced from what seen before on human made or nature made,

doesn't matter, all did called as imagining. Design ideas may come to life with

the same way of imagination, with the creation of concepts but with adding

the function on it. Same thought for architectural designs with adding space

on forms and structure, color, function or usage, lights and materials.

Painting; adding color, brush traces, shadow, illusion, 3D seeing, etc. I think same thing

must say for Sculpture too with adding the material, light, volume, softness and hardness

on top of functioning solutions. And many more goes on like being in

different prep kitchens of arts and like adding different ingredients on them.

Artist has his/her own way of tool to relate his/her seeing things, expressing
feeling with using one of these art scopes or sorts. And maybe it changes for
person in passing years depend on age, life he/she's been come through,
knowledge, enjoyments and their priorities. 

For me; now, doing graphite on paper and doing sketch drawing very well way

on creating or bringing my soul upfront. Sometimes inspiration comes right after holding

the pencil when touched the paper at the beginning of drawing and at that point there must be
direct connection between hands to soul, needing some tool to make these connections, which
would allow to drawing begin right away without even planning it before. To me,
nothing can be this much instant helper as direct sketching with graphite on paper technique. Which I can say it's like 'just do it tool' for my instant thoughts.

I always enjoyed asking questions myself about good designs. Like 'Why', 'what if',' how', etc.

'Why always 2 eyes’, ‘why these components’, ‘how they connects each other’, ‘what
if it would triangle and soft instead’.....etc. I discovered on my architectural journey

when the function is created perfectly, I mean the formula of function,

it can be dressed with any kind of skinning which may called as little forms or shapes,

color, textures and so on. Skinning may have its own complications sometime too.

Anyway, same functioning and skinning concept maybe existing in other art types too.

For example industrial design models, sculpture, jewelry arts’ design processes may be seen

as their starts come from functioning solutions at first. Let’s name it as 'skeleton of art'.

When picturing human portrait or human body, base concept would be focused on the
type of functions like; sitting, standing, holding, running, walking, stretching, jumping, etc.

And there would plenty of skinning and dressing types later on. But with a different looking,

instead of human, looking to a dolphin this time, maybe both subjects would be classified

in the same basic concept of skeleton, but dolphins’ functioning reason is different

than humans’ which is it’s based on swimming. Dogs, birds, elephants, snake, etc.

most must have same signature of concept; different skeletons for different

functioning formulas and with various forms of skinning. Interestingly, bugs and flies

with a different concept though, skeleton and skin maybe considered all at one.

Anyway, I just shared some thoughts. I hope you find it all related well enough.

Thanks for reading!

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